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and in petersburg, west virginia, some fog up there. the rest of us looking real good. we'll look nice and sunny this afternoon. your high temps will be in the 70s. monika stepping in. she's got your latest update on timesaver traffic now in the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> we'll first take a live look from sky 9 down at the beltway northside of town on the inner loop right here between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. if you look closely, on the left side of your screen there, there is rough pavement from the overnight construction and we have gotten some complaints about this from drivers so be aware of that this morning. on the inner loop. luckily, it is against the rush hour flows. you can see on the right side, outer loop is looking just fine. let's go over to our maps. otherwise, i'm giving it the green light. no problems to report here on the beltway on the southside of town. we're going to go over to virginia on the northbound side of i-95, had a little bit of volume reported from lorton into springfield and fine on to 395. let's take a live look from edsal road toward duke street. no delay
carefully the fine print first. >>> wal-mart, toys r us and other retailers are bringing back layaway this holiday season. you need to know things before you plan on using layaway. the big one, there are fees that go along with the convenience. >> when you first acquire the item you are going to be paying a service fee. you need to be aware of what that is. you need to be very aware of what the grace periods are, so you don't trip up and lose the item. >>> if you miss the payments, you will have to pay a restocking fee and that is usually between $15 and $30. >>> a northern virginia food pan pantry is going to reopen its doors. last week the acts food pantries announced it just didn't have enough food to help people any more. after we featured their story, literally tons of food came in a long with cash donations. this afternoon the pant trillion will reopen to the public today. >>> in another tail of generosity, we told you about juan mitchell. he relied on the acts food pantry to get his family fed. he also relied on a power washer. someone stole the power washer from his truck, ove
. because that threat for showers and storms will be with us. not an all day rain but the threat here noon, 68. a few showers. 5:00, 71. maybe a couple of storms again. right now, we're at 65 and cloudy at reagan national. looking at live doppler 9000 hd, we've got some things to talk about here. we'll go in first, east of town, relatively quiet. north of town, this thunderstorm here in eastern montgomery county, this is showing signs of weakening. north and east of laytonsville. a little bit of lightning and thunder with that. extends back toward rockville and fairfax county. lighter showers around potomac, maryland. clearing out in prince william for the moment. fauquier has lighter showers as well. then a new thunderstorm. this one now producing lightning and thunder between dolby and anbar headed toward riverside and may be welcome here in the next 15 or 20 minutes as it crosses into charles county. that's about the heftiest thing we have to show you. mid to upper 60s. 65 in washington. 67 in southern maryland and along the bay going into the low 70s. monika? >> we're getting word of a
>> check out this video from yesterday afternoon along i-95 in quantico, virginia. sent to us from a viewer. it is confirmed a tornado hit there. you can see debris flying between cars again. luckily no one was hurt. >> that video had several different angles of that tornado that crossed near training and quantico yesterday afternoon at about 5:30. a weak tornado but weak tornadoes do damage, obviously. >>> thank you for watching us at 6:00 a.m. monika will have more on traffic. howard do we have more of the tough stuff coming today? >> reporter: more showers and storms will be occurring. they will be moving in over the next two to three hours. the morning will start wet but the afternoon will finish sunny. right now cloudy and 66. we will be in the mid-60s at 9:00 with showers west of town. midday showers and storms around. this afternoon the sun comes back. we finished sunny and 6 8 degrees. grab the rain gear and sunglasses. you'll need them both today. there is a little tiny bit of lightning south and west. i'm seeing yellow and his reds now from charlotte south. all of this mo
that are with us this morning. the isolated sprinkle in the mountains of west virginia. we are looking at thicker, heavier showers in michigan, ohio back through indiana and illinois. 40s and 50 degrees across the entire region. although up in new england, lots of 30s this morning. look at the 50s from columbus to cleveland. the chill won't come until litter. our high temperatures today 69 in washington. 66 in cambridge and 64 in annapolis. monica san anything new? >> reporter: lots of new stuff. first of all, if you are planning to head northbound on i-95, there is an accident right here at the exit for the inner loop of the beltway off 95. it is causing very heavy traffic up let's take a live look at i-95. if you are planning to head toward the river you are going to find slow traffic toward woodbridge and into springfield because of the accident. here's what it looks like on 66. you have the slow traffic. centerville and a little as you approach the beltway. for big deals here on 66. we'll take a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side, everything is running incident free. bet
for the park. police are just headed there. they will give us more information as it comes in. i will keep you posted on that one. the dallas toll road, 66 looking fine. that is slow through centerville, by the way. the outer loop of the beltway. route 1, slowing down just a bit now after 95 as you approach silverspring, but no big deal on the northbound side of town headed to 270. in my next report, i will will update the -- i will update the g.w. parkway. >>> the stories happening today, good timing by prince george's county department of public works, planning a test of all snow and ice removal equipment before they heard howard's forecast. the test was at 4:00 this morning. dc will conduct a similar dry run later today. >>> hundreds of students at st. mary's college in maryland will move on to the dorm boat today. the college is bringing in a cruise ship to house the students. they were forced from their dorm because of a mold problem. that i had been living in hotels -- they had been living in hotels. the discovery channel has $20 of gas to be given away free today. the shell station on s
so you get an e-mail every week showing you how much you've done. i use this all the time and i love it. ultra very cool. >> how much that? >> $99 and there's no monthly fee with it. this is from energizer, this is like for every couple that's argued over who's going to challenge up the cell phone? you can charge two things at the same time. under $20, i use this all the time. >> that's great. >> next this is the itron open way sentron. this is an in-home display, in realtime you see how much you're paying for your energy and how much energy you're using, running a dishwasher late at night is much cheaper than the daytime and you can see it in realtime which is amazing. >> is this something that consumers provide themselves? >> it's something from the utility company. >> that's fantastic. >> finally i just put this in my own house. this is a tankless hot water hooter. the ecosmart eco11. i gained a closet because you lose the big tank and it will save you about 60% on the hot water heating bills pretty amazing. this costs $269 and pay for itself in about 18 months and look how tinies
brought her daughters. >> so they can continue to carry out his dream and what it entails for all of us. so many of the speakers today within even born. to show them who they were, not only king but other people as well. it was amazing. i'm overjoyed. i think it will inspire us to really remember what dr. king stood for. we should try to fulfill and carry out his dreams it doesn't stop here. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up. >> i hear my father saying as we dedicate this monument. >> when my father died, i was brought here by my mother, who drug me here. that started my life. >> doing great things for civil rights. we need to unite the country and the world. >> diane gomez has been looking forward to this trip since the august dedication was postponed because of hurricane irene. now that she is here, she says it is far more than just a trip. it is an inspiring experience. >> i will share this experience with everyone back home. >> >> reporter: the day is done. but the work has just begun. many folks that we talked to said they will take the inspiration from today
at the clear skies covering most of the eastern u.s. this morning. with the clear skies and light winds, down to 43 in frederick. 49 from linda in fulton. 50 winchester, leesburg and culpepper and this afternoon, looking good. upper 60s along the bay, in town, also a couple of low 70s. fredericksburg, manassas top off at about 72. we've got troubles now, monika? >> actually, we do. we've been talking about this accident. we'll take a look live from sky 9 on the northbound side of the bw parkway, we've been talking about a car that slid into the woods. authorities have been on the scene ever since trying to deal with this. and again on the northbound side heading in toward laurel, look out for this situation on the southbound side, the lanes have remained open. i'll keep you posted on this situation. we'll head over to our graphics right now. i'm going to change this to yellow because of that accident. let's take a look at the beltway. no problems around town. just a little bit of slow traffic in silver spring. that's normal for this time of morning. let's zoom in here. over in arlington, cla
technically runs out today. >> reporter: the police can do whatever they want. use that money for human needs here at home. jobs, housing, healthcare, education, environmental protection. >> reporter: we'll be sticking around here at freedom plaza. the permit doesn't technically end until later on today. we'll see if that changes as the hours pass. back to you mike and andrea. >>> thanks surae. more information now has been released on a murder suicide. martin o'toole and ong tracy have you were found dead saturday morning in o'toole's apartment. police say two handguns were found on the scene but they are not saying how the two died. both bodies were discovered this saturday morning in o'toole's apartment. >> both parties news each other. one party did leave a note behind with details in it that we won't release. >> i have never had any fear living in this apartment. it is unusual. i was surprised when i saw it. >>> this week murder suspect britney flower wood will face another hearing. she is accused in the slaying of her coworker jana murray. 9news reporter interviewed jana's parents. jana
county, prince william down toward around colonial beach into dahlgren. we'll watch this lift north of us. later this afternoon with a little bit more heat than we've got now only in the upper 60s. we're currently 64 in town with upper 50s up toward frederick and the shenandoah valley. monika samtani has been a busy lady in the traffic center. >> it has been busy for a wednesday morning. it is all due to the rain and the wet road conditions. let's take a look at the maps. on the beltway, we're fine. we'll zoom into 95. you've already got the slow traffic basically from the prince william parkway up to the occoquan river. then that stretch of volume between newington and springfield up ahead. we'll take a live look at 395 at edsall road. back over to the maps, and this time, let's zoom into the west side of town. you can see all of the yellow cars, once again, all of the slow traffic on the beltway as well. leaving the toll road toward 66 and inbound on 66 here, let's take a live look at the american legion bridge. if you're planning to leave bethesda, you'll be ok. you hit the brakes more
and the ohio valley. this will be the primary storm over the next day. giving us a chance for showers tonight. 36 right now in washington. 29 for martinsburg. easton and cambridge, 31 now. at andrews air force base. man ca assistant, going into the 50s today. >>> it is going to be a little tough. we have an accident to report on the southbound side of old georgetown road. be aware of this in bethesda. it may slow you down a little bit. traffic just squeezing by to the right. we are going to take a look a map. and show you exactly where it is old georgetown road on the ramp at the outer loop of the beltway. you are fine right through rossville. over to the beltway. you should be okay. back to the maps we have updated news on mark brunswick line. 874 running 15 to 20 minutes late. if you are planning to head around town on 395 or 95, you are going to be okay this morning heading into the 14th street bridge. coming up in my next report, i'll update you on the accident in bethesda. >>> we are following breaking news now. a wild early morning scene in northeast washington. a exine national of a sh
his hometown of sirte. in pakistan this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton pledged full u.s. support for a new libyan government. >> the death of colonel gadhafi has brought to a close a very unfortunate chapter in libya's history. but it also marks the start of a new era for the libyan people. >> reporter: nato will meet this morning to decide when and how to end its military operation in libya. for the past seven months, allied forces have tried to help revolutionaries drive out gadhafi loyalists. president obama called it a momentous day for libyans, but hacknologied the country -- acknowledged the country must now build a democracy from scratch. >> there will be difficult days ahead but the united states together with the international community, is committed to the libyan people. >> reporter: tomorrow, libya's transitional leaders are expected to formally announce the country's liberation and plans for a democratic election. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >>> now as you just saw there the death of gadhafi sparked celebrations in the streets across libya. differ
temperatures in the 50s shenandoah valley. mid-60s down south. some of the warmer air is moving north toward us, that will help set the stage for potential for strong storms later today and tonight. monica will have more on this wet wednesday commute. >> boy has it affected traffic on 95 and 395 in virginia. big time in fact let's go to a live picture at 395 on duke street where authorities are dealing with a multi-vehicle accident. if you can see it here only one lane is getting by to the left at duke street northbound of i 395 here. authorities tell us they are trying to move the vehicles out of the roadway. a multi-vehicle accident here. let's go a little further south to 95 on the northbound side. it is an emergency paving operation. only one lane getting by there. they tell us that is going to be there throughout the morning rush hour, one lane getting by. northbound 95 near route 123. that is going to affect your traffic big time this morning. maybe use route 1 as an alternate route. on the outer loop and eisenhower, there is an accident on the shoulder. everything is getting by but it is
would be the most important job creator available for us today. i really don't believe anybody believes that. >> the recent tbs poll finds 35% of americans approve of the way president obama is handling the economy. >>> it is 6:06. jessica doyle is back with another "your money" report. >> despite all of those new fees we pay when we fly, a major airline is in trouble. >> well, if you're an investor and you see the stock of your company halted, feel free to -- the general news is there's something bad going on. try the stock being halted seven times in one day! that's exactly what happened to american airlines parent company yesterday. the stock was halted seven times! it hit 2001 lows at one point being offered as much as 41%. there are rumors american airlines could be considering a bankruptcy. behind the rumors, take a look at the airline business. things have been looking better thanks to checked luggage fees but you also had a flurry of mergers among the major carriers. united and continental got tied up. southwest and airtran. us airways and america west. just to name a few but am
of the companies "like" us on facebook. facebook this, facebook that. apparently not being too friendly. >> if you believe the hype you have a problem with the company, ooh, i'll put it on facebook. everything's going to magically be fixed. we'll all live happily ever after. uh-huh, no way. more often than not you're going to be completely ignored. a study finds that only 5% on brand pages ever get any kind of answer but there are some businesses that are doing a better job than others sort of. the telecommunications and airlines sectors had the high estreated of answered wall posts but even those were pretty low at 28% and 26% respectively. retail came in third with a rate under 20%. on the flip side. some media industries the worst result responding to just 1% of wall posts. the automotive industry around 2.5% and a category called fast moving consumer goods very sexy, that came in third place. those are items like soft drinks, toiletries and grocery items. little disappointing, you think you can put it on facebook and you will get a quick response. >> somebody would be paying attention. >> our
will not be moving much at all today thanks to that stubborn storm system still on top of us. the showers this morning, you see them to the northwest. you see them off to the south and the east and that's exactly what we're looking at on live doppler 9000 hd. we'll take you up toward the shenandoah valley and you can see from new market to mount jackson, toms brook, strasburg over to front royal. this goes all the way up toward the hagerstown area. frederick, meyersville probably seeing a few showers there. then at the calvert county, darker green here. prince george's county, even northeastern charles. this is all drifting off toward the north. grab the rain gear and a jacket. highs today only in the mid- 50s. monika, over to you. >>> good morning. good morning, everybody. i'm going to keep it at the green light. you're beginning to see volume on the interstates. really no big deals. not enough anyway to change it to yellow yet. we'll zoom into the southside of town. things are looking fine. where you see the yellow cars is where you have some delays. we'll take a look at the franconia s
and anticorporate greed protest have now accepted an offer by u.s. park police to extend their permit by four months. the protestors who spent the past four days camping in city street and plaza near the white house said they are discussing that offer. similar protests have been taking place all around the country. >> a bus passenger is now in police custody and a bus driver is being treated for stab wounds after a bizarre incident on a metrobus. authorities say it happened at the silver spring metro station last night. they say that male passenger was exposing himself while riding in the back of the bus. then they say he stabbed the bus driver when he was confronted and ran off. police caught the suspect a few blocks later. the bus driver suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. >>> 50 people are without a place to stay this morning after a fast-moving fire tore through an apartment building in langley park. >> it happened at the bedford stations apartment in the 1400 block of university boulevard where surae chinn is live there to tell us about the tenant's fight with management. good morning, surae
in the string of crimes against metro riders who use the suitland station. this time 22-year-old michael macintosh is charged with a series of armed robberies at the station's parking garage. but macintosh wasn't the only suspect lurking around suitland station. police arrested and charged 30- year-old philip fleming of district heights with several sexual assaults at the station earlier this month. >>> prosecutors in west virginia say they will go after as many people as they can. they're going after people responsible for the upper big branch mine explosion. that disaster last year killed 29 people. wednesday a jury convicted a former mine security chief on charges he lied to investigators trying to hide the security problems there. the charges against other people are in the works, according to authorities. >>> in maryland you pay an annual fee to flush your toilet. that fee could be doubling, even tripling in the next few years. right now the flush fee is 30 buck as year. did you even know you had to pay that? the money goes toward a bay restoration fund. the state committee might hi
rather avoid foreclosure. the rest of the min, that's going to be handed back to the u.s. treasury. the reason why, the emergency homeowners loan program ended and not enough people were approved in time to receive aid. out of 100,000 applicants, less than 12,000 were conditionally approvalled for the program. the government aimed to help 30,000 people. >>> many have to forget too about the white picket fence at least for now. the american dream of home ownership has taken its biggest hit since the great depression. now 2010 census figures show the home ownership rate fell to 65.1% last year, a drop of 1.1% is the largest since 1940 and we know what's going on here. foreclosure problems and people can't buy homes because of the housing market. so it's a mess. >> tough to get a mortgage. it's a lot to it. thanks jess. >>> at 6:07. a story that's new this morning, three women will share this year's nobel peace prize. the announcement was made an hour ago. they are honored for their struggle in women's rights in the developing world. they are ellen johnson-sirleaf, the president of li
're just heading out the door. you can use branch avenue as your alternate route. that's going to take you around that point but if you're heading north on route 301 go ahead and veer off on route 228 over to 210 and then again you can take that all the way up to the beltway. this is going to be there for a while and we'll keep you posted on this situation. let's take you over to the wilson bridge if you're already on the beltway or heading there anyway, no problems from oxon hill across the bridge span into alexandria and over to 395 which is where we'll take you now. on the northbound side ott edsall road looking good up to the 14th street bridge, all lanes are open. no big incidents to report here. back over to the maps, planning to heads over on to the trains i want to warn you that mark penn line 505 and 511 both are running 15 to 20 minutes late this morning. another update on the situation on route 301 at 6:11. mike back to you. >>> thanks monika. the top of the hour let's check on the stories happening today. facebook and the department of labor will announce a partnership. they're
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